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Made during the full moon in Pisces, when Mercury reached its closest conjunction with the Sun, an event called cazimi by ancient Arabs, meaning “heart of the Sun”. This union of Mercury with the Sun presents an opportunity to channel a vital download of Divine Intelligence.

The number 12 has long represented many key spiritual connections to universal consciousness and Divine Intelligence. Activate 12 initiates the template within us for connection to our original 12 strands of DNA, which are connected to the 12 chakras (7 located within the body, 5 outside of the physical body), and the 12 planets in our solar system. The activation unlocks the galactic library encoded within our DNA.

The initiation that occurs takes us to the next stage in receiving Divine Intelligence by first burning out, or releasing, the old stagnant toxins in the physical body. This allows for raising the vibration of the energy field. The Healing Gate Elixir is designed to facilitate the preparation for use of Activate 12. It is suggested that one also work with personal guides, healers, and mentors who can facilitate this process.

Suggested Use: Always follow internal guidance first. 2-12 drops may be taken under the tongue, 3-4 times a day (more often as guided). Use before healing sessions, during meditations, or add 7 drops to bathwater and soak 20 minutes.
This elixir was made with the energy of the new moon, the sun, and Ceres (asteroid) in Capricorn reminding that when we do our work from an inner calling, the money will follow. We are blessed with a planetary shift that has made graceful prosperity available to the masses, by making a choice to align with and surrender to abundance consciousness.

This elixir that assists in bringing to your conscious awareness the old, limiting beliefs about money, work, and wealth that are rooted in fear and poverty consciousness. The release of these limiting duality-based beliefs prepare you to align with the grids that are connected to each and every one of us living in our hearts and life tasks for creating wealth and peace on the planet.

The new abundance grids direct us into the divine flow that exists on the edge where our rational mind and our heart’s longing meet. You will know you are in the flow when you are surrendered to divine will and in integrity with your truth—for without this, struggle is paramount and divine flow will not be experienced. Flow helps you remain open to the form that your prosperity takes through the vibration of unconditional love of self.

Suggested Use: 2-12 drops under the tongue 3-5 times per day, especially before bed and upon waking. Can also be added to drinking water, or bath water for an abundance soak. When adding to water, use at least 7 drops.
Made by the light of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, this essence is a strong transformational elixir for the Healer Within.

There are four guardians that stand at the entrance of the Healing Gate: Hummingbird and the mineral spirits of Rhodochrosite, Tourmaline, and Rose Quartz. Just inside the gate, the Guardians guide those that choose to enter on the path towards our innate Love of Self, Love of Other, and Eternal Love of the Divine. This is the trinity that stands together at the still point of infinity. It is here that we balance our masculine and feminine, re-connect to Mother Earth and Father Sky, and awaken from the illusion of duality.

A clear understanding of where and who we have been and what stands in the way of our longing is revealed as the Healing Gates open inside both the physical and ethereal bodies. Here, we can experience balance and integrity. As the elixir activates and clears each chakra, the old is lifted so that truth may be seen as we make another pass around the spiral into our core essence. Pay special attention to the Dream-time, keep a journal.

Suggested Use: Always follow internal guidance first. This is a potent vibration! 2 to 12 drops may be taken upon waking in the morning and at bedtime. Use more often prior to healing work, during emotional process, journaling and meditative practices. Add 7 drops to the bath and soak for 20 minutes.
Made during the light of a New Moon and Sun in Scorpio, under the influence of a potent Grand Cross, giving us the choice to stay in the illusion of separation or to cast light on the aspects of self that have been disowned. Rigidity and willfulness are transmuted into a unified, heart-centered reality to live as co-creators of Light.

There is a great call at this time for you to birth the artist within, the Mystic Creator, to bring forth the soul’s artistry and stand in the new paradigm of Art as Healing. Begin to see “blocks” to your creativity as fuel for your fire, the point from which you begin your creation. Let this elixir be a tool to open to your creations of Love, and to realize that blockages are really un-integrated aspects of our selves that need to be seen, given a voice, and infused with Love. When your judgments come up write them down, shout them out, and show yourself that those criticisms can be present at the very same time that you are creating… the act of creation will transmute them through the vibration of color, sound, and movement.

Suggested Use: Always follow internal guidance first. 2-12 drops may be taken under the tongue, 4-5 times a day. Use more often before meditation, journaling, dancing, painting, singing, gardening, and any activity to which you would like to bring the awareness of the Mystic Creator. 7 drops may also be added to bathwater.
This elixir was made with the waxing New Moon in Virgo, calling upon the healing energies for our physical vessels.

Renew is a tonic that helps your physical, mental and emotional bodies adapt as they go through an incredible transformation in order to hold the new “light information”. Exhaustion, headaches, physical aches and pains, mental fatigue, emotional fatigue, loss of hope, forgetting one’s purpose for being here, are all symptoms that arise naturally for release, because they are a part of the old paradigm which is not capable of holding the light.

Remember, the old paradigm is held not only within our mental and emotional bodies, but our physical structures as well. You may experience a dying off of the physical structure along with the thought forms and emotions that do not support your expansion. This elixir assists in rebuilding of the energetic matrix of the cells of the physical body. By raising your frequency, ReNew allows the user to remember why one came to the Earth at this time and how to exist in a state of peace and thriving health, and thus make the choice to stay in a physical body rather than die with the old paradigm.

Suggested Use: 2-12 drops under the tongue, 3-4 times per day or as needed. Excellent in bathwater—use 7 drops and soak for 20 minutes.
Made during the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, highlighting all aspects of relationship.

Made with Elestial crystals this elixir brings one in deeper contact with the realities anchored in love and self-acceptance. Sacred relations are those in which we first feel our emotions and then surrender our need to defend ourselves, to protect our wounds. They are relations in which we honor our selves and others by clearly seeing ourselves and the projections we place on others. They are an opportunity to practice self-honoring boundaries, while embracing the flow of life, of love.

The Elestials bring with them the vibration non-judgment and unconditional love. And in order to experience this love, Sacred Relations can help us let go of our conditional responses to the wounded hearts of others and recognize the mirror that they are for our own wounded hearts. This clearing will allow space for more sacred love to enter. For some it will mean becoming meticulously self honest. Some will be ready to surrender defenses. And for those who have done much clearing, Sacred Relations can take you straight into to your essence while being in contact with others.

Suggested Use: Always follow internal guidance first. 2-12 drops 3-4 times a day under the tongue. Use more often for meditation and healing work, or when intuitively guided. May also be added to bathwater: At least 7 drops, soak 20 minutes.
Made on the Wolf Moon, the first Full Moon of the year, with the incomparable medicine of the Ajoite stone.

Use this elixir when you are ready to expand into the next steps of your purpose for being on Earth at this time and to move beyond the limitations of the programmed personality and into the expansion of your authentic, real self.When taking this elixir call upon the spirit of the White Wolf in your intention to embody and create from your unique Soul’s Purpose. Allow the sacred geometry of your Soul to blend with your physical body and your personality with effortless intention. Surrender as you are gently pulled into the current of your Soul’s Purpose where synchronicities string one moment to the next, divine support is in surplus and joy is all around you.

When the expansion of self evolves to embody more of your essence and the task it has come to create and fulfill, you may find that all areas of your life can be affected. The expansion that can occur with Soul’s Purpose elixir may not always be familiar or comfortable. Often staying small can be the more familiar route so there may or may not be resistance in this process. Elixirs that are suggested to accompany Soul’s Purpose are Soul’s Essence Spray for the gentle integration and melding into the support of love, Renew for extra courage and grounding, and I AM Safety & Trust.
The annual Sirius Star Gate opening allows for the higher planes of light to be touched and transformed by the human form for use on planet Earth. It was made during the full moon in Capricorn as the energies coming through the Star Gate were reaching their peak.

The Star Gate Elixir directly supports the accessing and transmuting of the higher vibrations so that our creation and healing can be in alignment with the increase in light-holding, in and on the planet. There is a flash of lightening contained within, as well as the energy of the moldavite stone, that speeds up the fires of the creative process-- as long as the creations are in alignment with the soul’s true purpose for being on Earth. One’s consciousness is directly connected to the higher planes of light so that both the vision and the energy is provided to translate what is necessary for expansion and illumination. Those who take of “Star Gate” actually become living, breathing, waking conduits for the energetic shifts on the Earth plane as we move into a new world of love, light and peace.
On the island of Cozumel off the coast of the Mexican Yucatan, lie the ruins of San Gervasio. Here is where the Mayans built a temple for the Goddess Ixchel. It is said that the Mayan women made a journey to Cozumel every year to connect with the oracle, read the signs of destiny and bleed into the sacred ground. Ixchel represented femininity, fertility, creativity, and divination. She offers the nurturing energy of a grandmother.

Ixchel Elixir can assist in the process of balancing the feminine energy so that it can mutually exist with the masculine, active principle. This elixir can be used to help identify what your real needs are on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Allow Ixchel to nourish you with the sacred ground of the earth. As you take this elixir feel the warmth of a big blanket of the Divine Feminine wrapped around you. Open your feminine receptivity. Feel the earth beneath you and open your first chakra to drink in the support available to you. As you open to receive, feel all of your senses and intuition expanding so that you become a divining rod for truth, for love.

The ancient women are calling us to remember our heritage, to become the oracles that we are, reading the signs of nature and securing our umbilical cords to the Earth for the great changes ahead. Receive the vibration of Ixchel Elixir and respond to the call from the deep mystery of the Divine Feminine within you.
Made at the ancient Mayan site of Tulum, on the Caribbean coast of the Mexican Yucatan, this elixir can be used to open your voice and ears to speak and hear truth. It will support the process of becoming responsible for getting one’s own needs met, so that personal empowerment can be achieved. When we rely on our own ability to identify what we need, we can ask for that need to be met honestly and vulnerably without handing our power over to another. When your ears are in alignment with the Divine you can consciously choose which words and ideas you will take in to our energy fields as a resonance with your inner authority, and which you will let go of as a dissonance to your inner truth.

Use this elixir when you are experiencing tension or pain in your neck, to release the stuck energy. Visualize the tension melting down into your legs and feet as it transmutes into vital life force energy grounding and connecting you to the earth. Whatever your intention is around opening your voice, whether it is to sing, channel, speak in public or speak truth within your relationships use Tulum Elixir to bring your fifth chakra into its most powerful expression of the Divinity that dwells within.