"Fully Connected And Protected"

The 5 Elements of Fortitude

3-Week Tele-Course
3 Thursdays, December 1st - December 15th
5:30pm - 6:45pm PT/8:30pm - 9:45pm ET
Via Conference Call (Recordings provided)

If you've been looking for ways to stay stable as you deal with challenging circumstances or health situations, expand your energy into something new, or simply protecting your balance with the ability to filter out toxic or heavy energy, you will love this practice.

It changes your entire energy field by connecting you to the truth in your heart. This is the most stabilizing, grounding and cleansing force there is. Protecting that truth with the proper elements makes you a strong, connected human being.

It's origins in an ancient lineage of Chinese energy masters, this by far the most powerful meditative practice I've ever experienced to connect into clear truth, as well as stay centered and energized amidst life changes, energetic static or chaos.

We will activate and fortify 5 Elements in your energy field:

connects you to truth, clarity and universal wisdom.

both protects and provides magnification of truth.

grounds and stabilizes.

amplifies your natural creativity and the expression of your true self and your gifts to the world.

Water creates adaptability to life's changing circumstances, giving you the ability to move with flow.

Activating each element, your energy field shifts to come into its most natural state of balance and clarity. As the elements build you will feel the benefits of being both connected to your core, your true self, and protected from outside influences.

Each class module will focus on one or two of the elements. We'll explore how they support you and experience the energy enhancing benefits of their unique vibrations.

Module 1
We'll explore both the purpose and benefits of this practice, from basic stability to enhancing personal relationships, accessing more clear inner guidance, and even mitigating the effects of radiation while flying in an airplane. You'll engage in a powerfully simple prep for your energy field to begin the practice, then we'll ignite the first element of fire in your heart, your connection to wisdom and truth.

Module 2
In this second week of class, you'll work with the incredible protection of the 'crystal chi' and the grounding nature of the earth element. With protection and grounding you can keep your heart open and connected rather than guarded or closed. This will enhance your inner guidance, your communication in relationships, and increase your stability during chaotic or demanding circumstances. Working with the elements of protection and grounding allows you to take steps forward in life with courage and a clear mind.

Module 3
In week 3 you're ready to expand your inner balance out into the world. With the element of wood you can express your creativity in ways that feed you and serve the world. With water you discover how to allow grace and divine flow and adaptability to be your foundation for interaction in any circumstance. Working with all 5 Elements now, you are able to develop their fortitude for lasting connection and protection.

Course Recordings and Home Practice
You'll receive recordings of each class, as well as shorter meditation recordings from each module. This way if you miss the live classes, you can listen in at your convenience. You'll also have a guided, timed practice to keep you on track while you're building your connection to the elements in your home practice. Regular home practice is key to getting these elements anchored in your energy field. The more you do it, the stronger it gets.

Tuition: $97

"Live By Your True North" Level 1

Harness The Clarity And Wisdom

Of Your Inner Guidance

The Essential 5-Week Tele-Course
5 Tuesdays, January 10th - February 8th
4:30pm - 6:30pm PT/7:30 pm - 9:30pm PT
Via Conference Call

Are you ready to turn down the energetic noise around you and the anxiety, confusion and overwhelm it creates? Are you ready to filter out what belongs to others so you can amplify your own inner wisdom?

Imagine what your life would be like if you could easily, readily quiet your mind and tap into your own higher knowing about what you want and what to do next at critical moments in your life. Imagine following your truth with such confidence that you are empowered to enjoy the satisfaction of a free and full heart.

Developing your inner guidance is the key to unlocking your unique dreams come true. Engage this tool daily and your life changes into one you love.

Claim the fortune of living by your true north, your inner compass, and join me for this five week program -- it will be the best investment you ever make. Whether you are beginner or wish to deepen your practice of receiving guidance this course will catalyze you into your next level. It is geared for those that are ready to evolve, shift, elevate the guidance they are receiving for a liberating, empowered and authentic lifestyle.

You will learn to:

~ Receive the clarity of your inner guidance on demand and with consistency
for your most compelling questions and concerns.

~ Unblock yourself
and reveal the myths around intuitive guidance.

~ Tap into sources of wisdom from your higher self and spiritual guides,
discover how to tell the difference between them, and develop your contact with each to reap the benefits of their unique perspectives and expertise.

~ Gain confidence in yourself to choose --
make clear and confident life choices so you depend less on advice and direction from others.

~ Satisfy your heart's longings as you move out of overwhelming static and into a state of clarity and calm.

The Sacred Guidance Lifestyle
This course will inspire and equip you to establish a whole new lifestyle -- one in which you are continually revealing and moving with the flow of your inner guidance. The daily rituals will need to be done consistently in order to get the most out of the course. Plan to carve out at least 30 minutes a day in your schedule to work with them. The more you engage the practices the more freedom and pleasure you will experience. You will enjoy your practice periods and experience them as generous time focused on you.

Each class module will take you through steps of a proven process to develop and engage your inner guidance. There will specific Meditation Activations in each module, plus plenty of room to answer questions and have interactive feedback.

Module 1 "Initiating The Momentum Stream"
The practice of receiving guidance is all about doing it consistently. The more you do it the more momentum the stream of guidance gains in your life. Jump right in and begin receiving inner guidance during this first class. You'll learn the anatomy of your guidance system, and how it correlates to your senses. Then you'll engage a practice to quiet the external noise and influences. You will set up a daily guidance ritual to create consistency and keep your momentum going.

Module 2 "Meet Your Higher Self"
In this second week of class, begin to decipher between the different voices or types of energy that may influence your guidance system. Meet your higher self and have a conversation to reveal clarity in an area of your life where you need to know more about yourself, your purpose, and the places where you feel stuck.

Module 3 "Tracking To Amplify Your Guidance"
By now, you are receiving guidance on a daily basis and discovering the blessings and synchronicities it inspires. Learn the skill of tracking yourself so that you can tune into what you need at any time. We'll do a special healing activation to amplify your unique way of receiving guidance.

Module 4 "Embracing Resistance And Letting Life Unfold"
Discover the most effective way to work with resistance around both receiving guidance and following it. Since resistance is a natural part of becoming more conscious, we just need to understand the purpose it's serving and important message it's giving you. You'll uncover the walls you put up around your expansion and the gold that's on the other side.

Module 5 "Teaming Up With Your Guides"
Now that you have a great flow of guidance running through your life, and you are trusting it to meet you when you need it, take your experience to an even higher level. You'll contact your spiritual support team - the beings that exist beyond the Earth plane - that are here to help you navigate challenging times in your life with loving wisdom. Discern how their guidance may be different from that of your Higher Self, and experience how their insight motivates you to make progress with your goals and dreams.

The Encouraging Class Container
When you join Live By Your True North you’ll become part of an interactive community of inspired seekers that are ready to tune in and live fully. You'll be nourished by the group as you build your intuitive muscles and strengthen your access to clear, consistent guidance. The small class size ensures plenty of space to get your questions answered and receive helpful feedback. This learning environment offers invaluable encouragement for those that are ready to harness their capacity for sensitivity to create a divinely guided, authentic life.

Here's what past students have to say about the course:

"Kellyrose, I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful teachings you shared with us in Life By Your True North. The tools you so skillfully taught us have already become an invaluable part of my daily routine. There have been so many subtle and dramatic shifts in my perception and ways of being! They have given me the ability to stay connected to my Divine guidance and apply it in very practical, “real time" ways. Knowing that I am always being assisted by Divine agencies, gives me the confidence and courage to follow my calling from a place of grace and ease. Thank you for this beautiful gift, it was exactly what I needed at this point in my life’s journey. Many blessings to you!” ~ Julie F., Las Vegas, NV

"In Live By Your True North I gained some great tools that really work for filtering out the confusion of environmental energy static, helping me to know and rest in the calm space that is always within me. Kellyrose's instruction on how to cultivate relationships with my guides, and the meditations and exercises to grow my personal energy management are all strengthening my connection to my inner guidance. Being in such a supportive group really aids the learning process quite a bit too -- it helped me to see the similarities in what each of us experience. I recommend the class to anyone looking for a comprehensive way to focus on their personal energy system development. Thank you!" ~ Renee O., Eugene OR

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I have been following my own inner guidance for over 15 years. Through it I have discovered how to trust the wisdom and direction of my life. It hasn't always been easy, but the clarity of my guidance has opened me to synchronicity, magic, understanding, and peace. It's been especially helpful as I navigate through my challenges! I feel fortunate and excited to take you on this amazing inward journey to live your life by the most valuable guidance you will ever know. Being this tuned in to myself in a world with so much noise and distraction has put me on a course to realize the purpose I came here to fulfill. I know it will change your life in miraculous ways and cause you to fall in love with the wisdom and magic of your life, too.
With Blessings on your life,

Tuition: $287

**All classes will be recorded, however since live participation is important, if you know you will miss more than one live class please contact me so we can discuss your situation and alternative options.

Your work, your role, is very advanced in times of great challenges. The very high frequency that you are transmitting and the pertinent messages given by the Council are in tune with my consciousness. I feel as if you are talking to me privately. Your transmissions are so rich in content, and vibrationally they are essential points of reference in the direction I am actually taking. With much love and gratitude for you Kellyrose. -- Maite, Belgium
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