Mp3 Energy Healing Downloads

Each one of these tele-channeling events, guided meditations, sound healing transmissions and activations are a healing for your energy field that takes you into your divine core so you can release the old and embody the full expression of your truth and purpose. They can be listened to at any time to receive the benefits of the energies that were present at the time of recording.

21 Days Till Dawn

This collection of 21 meditations, each approximately 20 minutes in length, will offer a cumulative healing effect on your body, mind and spirit. This is a great way to begin a new meditation routine or deepen the one that you have. Energy and sound healing along with daily messages will help you stay centered, sane, rooted and balanced. You will:
~ Be held in a vessel of prayer and the matrix of your divine blueprint for 21 days to retrieve more of your soul for greater trust and deeper fulfillment of your longings.
~ Root into the vessel of light within you, so that you can experience more empowerment in times of conflict, and more opportunity for growth during adversity.
~ Activate the coding in your DNA to better hold the sacred structure of your life's purpose so you can more clearly manifest it on Earth, now.

Total of approximately 7 hrs of healing - $79.00 SALE $39.00

** Please note, because of the size of this transmission, you will receive it in email form rather than an immediate download. It will be delivered to the email you provide within one day.

The Support You Need To Fulfill Your Purpose

Your purpose is to remember, embody and create from your most natural self. We all need particular structures and resources to effectively live that 'soulular mandate'. Tap into the energies of the first Full Moon of 2013, known as the Wolf Moon, and open to and receive the emotional, financial, physical and relational support to fulfill your purpose. Let the energies of the White Wolf guide you to thrive in alignment with divine will. During the transmission you will receive an energy and sound healing to open a deeper connection with the support and resources you need to fulfill your purpose.

1 hr 20 min - $20

Untie The Knots of Judgment: Sound Healing and Channeling

Judgment weighs you down, it makes you tired, it clogs up your energy field, it can make you ill. Use this transmission, along with your intention, to undo the knots in your life force that the energetic of judgment creates. Learning how to shift from the disconnected state of judging into the unified experience of discerning will open you to creative opportunities and empowerment. From this space of being you are free to change your karmic patterns and fulfill your soul's purpose for growth.

1 hr 22 min - $11.99

Unlocking Your Soul Code: Sound Healing and Channeling

Use the potency of the 11-11-11 activation portal to unlock your soul code. Your soul's code unravels karmic patterns and ancestral lineage knots wrapped around your destiny, your purpose. These frequencies provide an initiation of the sacred geometry that links your human limitations with the infinitude of your spirit, and sets the creative capacity of your soul into full swing. From the inside out, you can then light up the grids of awakening for all of humanity. Living your soul's joy is your greatest service to the birthing Earth.

1 hr 28 min - $11.99 SALE $6.99

Honoring Your Truth: Sound Healing and Channeling

Release the voices of the inner critic and the outer judge to embrace what truly resonates for you. As you wake up to your authenticity, living truth becomes less about right and wrong and more about being in integrity with your core. Allow this Full Moon to assist you in letting go of what constricts you to make way for divine inspiration and guidance. With the frequencies of trust, love and respect all longings of the soul can be made manifest.

1 hr 23 min - $11.99 SALE $6.99

Calling In Abundance: Sound Healing and Channeling

Your desire for abundance comes from your natural state of being. Drawing in the resources you need to live your soul's longing is essential for your personal purpose and also for the release of the Earth from an abuse of power. Those that are calling in an abundance of wealth to fulfill their heart's passions are liberating the Earth and themselves from these shackles of illusion, and cleansing the money system. Receive this transmission and take your place within the global movement to thrive by calling in and claiming the abundance that is your birthright.

1 hr 21 min - $11.99 SALE $6.99

Self Love For Your Inner Child: Sound Healing and Channeling

The child consciousness within you needs love in order to integrate into an adult that can manifest the purpose you came to fulfill. We need love in order to feel seen, heard, accepted and safe. When love is withheld from you as a child, you learn to resist its healing energy because to receive it would take you into unknown territory. To overcome this familiar pattern you must use your adult intention to feel the safety inherent in clear, unconditional self love.

1 hr 13 min - $11.99 SALE $6.99
”Overcome Overwhelm”

Feeling overwhelmed? Find calm now with this free featured channeling by pressing the play button!
Approx. 13 min
Overcome Overwhelm

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